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The Amazing Primst Smart Coffee Table

Primst Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table

Decorating one’s home has always been a messy business. Whenever you shift to a new location, the most important thing you need to do is to set up furniture, so the new place becomes livable.

Furniture, just like other things, has revolutionized from age to age. One does not merely put medieval-style furniture into their homes. Instead, contemporary and modern furniture has taken over the industry.

Talking about furniture, with such advancements in technology, our home décor, too, has evolved from being just things to smart devices. I mean, who would have thought that your coffee table can charge your phones too, right?

So, since things have gone way out of reach due to their price, the only smart solution these days is to buy a utility that would benefit us in the home in multiple ways. The product in review today is a similar concept.

Before exploring our today’s product, we’d answer a comment made by our frequent page visitor Laura D.

Laura said:

“Hey There! I hope you’re all vibin.’

I have just moved into a small apartment near Brooklyn. My shifters have unfortunately broken my poor fridge that was already in a mess. As I’m more of a drinking person, now I have nothing left to cool up my late-night martinis. Would you recommend any smart refrigerator that can fit into my new apartment and can be more fun?”

Yes, Laura, you are in luck as we have got just the perfect refrigerator for you because it is not only a fridge but a coffee table as well.

Primst Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table Features:

The Primst Smart Coffee Table has become an overnight TikTok sensation since many TikTokers post about it. This product is considered a blessing for people who are stuck in their homes during the quarantine. They can drink coffee, put their laptop on it for work, put their beverages into the fridge below, put on some music from the speakers, or even charge their mobile phones.

This exclusive coffee table is multi-purpose, homing many gadgets inside it with that modern furniture look to complement your living room.

Let us explain what this Primst product is offering to its customers:

  1. A Mini-Refrigerator:

This Primst coffee table comes with a built-in fridge, big enough to store your beverage and midnight snacks. Those who love to take out their beer bottles while binge-watching Netflix would love this mini-fridge underneath their table.

  1. A Charging Station:

A charging station is also fixated inside this beautiful table so that you and your friends can charge your mobile phones while taking a sip of hot latte.

  1. A Pair Of Speakers:

What if your TV speakers aren’t enough? Now you can connect your smart coffee table with your TV. Yes, this table has dual Bluetooth speakers inside it. The sound produced is impressive.

  1. Smart Controls:

Your Primst table has controls etched on its glass. Just take out your hand and adjust the volume, set the temperature, or increase some lights.

Detailed Overview – Primst Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table

Now is the time to thoroughly review the Primst Coffee Table + Refrigerator. Here are some of its best features:

Unique Design:

This coffee table product is the epitome of sleek, beauty, and grace. The best thing about it is that it can fit easily at any corner of your room without over-taking any space.

If we talk about its design, then it has a stunning anti-knock design. The anti-knock table wouldn’t become dull or weak in a short time. The design itself is durable and accident-proof.

This elegant table is integrated with one of the best quality metal mesh plates for more added beauty. These plates are shiny and give you the perfect metallic look at home.

The manufacturers have made the 8 R corners of the fuselage round, simple, and aesthetic to add more style to this table. This design is best for those people who dislike sharp edges or those who have kids at home.

Moreover, this table’s design also doesn’t allow the liquid to spill off the table, so if by accident you have spilled some tea on the table, it would not leak or stain the rug underneath it.

The foundation of this table can be adjusted in terms of height. You can adjust its height between 2.9 to 3.4 inches according to your wish.

Lastly, the best design trait we found in this table is that it is super-quiet. The table can absorb noise. If anything slips from your hands and bangs onto the table, it will not create a blasting noise.

Environment Friendly:

When we talk about a smart device, we also discuss how beneficial it can be for our ecosystem. This coffee table is no exception.

The traditional refrigerators are not eco-friendly at all due to the carbons they release. Moreover, due to the constant working of semiconductors working inside it, a fridge can exhibit a great deal of heat.

Luckily, the Primst Smart table has got you covered as it comes with active heat-dissipation that would prevent excessive heat from the table to heat your room or the device itself. The Smart water-ripple metal mesh plate design is the biggest highlight of this table. These plates on the black would effectively dissipate heat without creating a big mess.

As far as the eco-friendliness is concerned, this smart fridge cum table has a built-in ECO energy-saving mode built to save excessive energy from being consumed. This fridge wouldn’t consume more of your electricity, resulting in a decrease in electric bills.

If we talk about the fridge’s inside compartments, they are designed to remove unpleasant odor from the inside. Now your fridge compartment smells as lovely as your room.

The material used inside this table is also eco-friendly and can be recycled later, making it the perfect choice for people who are buying recyclable furniture.

Epic Storage:

The Primst smart table cum refrigerator gives you a fully functional fridge under the table so that you can replace it with your big fridges that suck loads of energy.

The fridge portion of this table is divided into three sub-parts:

  • Fridge
  • Cooler
  • Storage

The fridge portion consists of two big drawers like a compartment. These compartments’ drawer shape makes it easier for people to pull and grab their things from it.

You can store your Chinese food or last night’s Pizza in these compartments. The temperature can be adjusted, so don’t worry about them rotting.

If we look at its capacity, then both these compartments can room up to 65L, which is quite reasonable for such a compact coffee table. These two parts combine to form 130L space collectively, big enough for 180 apples or 164 cans of soft drinks. Such spacious table fridges are a blessing.

Now, let us move towards the cooler compartment, which is designed to store your drinks inside. Whether it is your water bottles or beer bottles for your pals, or feeders of your kids, this cooler can contain everything for a more extended amount of time.

The best thing about this table’s cooler is that you get instant drinks. Now you don’t have to go across the hall to pick a beer. Just pull the drawer, choose the drink, and take a gulp.

The storage area refers to both the compartments as both of these can store snacks, vegetables, milk, or any other type of daily food items. You can use this fridge to store more food or supplies when your other fridge is at its full capacity.

Moreover, as discussed above, you wouldn’t face any unpleasant odor even if you stuff more food inside it or put raw meat inside. This coffee table will retain your food’s quality and taste whatsoever.

smart coffee table speakerHome Entertainment:

It’s time to move to this chic coffee table’s entertainment features that will surprise you. Who would ever have thought that your coffee table would play music?

Yes, this coffee table has speakers etched inside it. And not just ordinary speakers, but the Primst smart table comes with dual Bluetooth speakers with extra-enhanced bass and dynamic sound range.

The sound delivery of the speakers of this table is excellent. If you are low on budget and a home theatre system is so out of your range, leave it aside and buy this home entertainment table with great speakers.

The best thing about these speakers is that you do not need to download a separate application to operate them. The controls are in front of you, etched on to the glass table-top. Press those controls to configure the volume, change the bass/treble levels, or add a new Bluetooth connection. You also get different modes to play.

The wireless connection of this table’s speakers to other devices is pretty good. One can connect their phones or Smart TVs from a 10M range, which is pretty reasonable for a tight space.

smart coffee table charging stationCharging Ports:

The coffee tables are not just tables anymore as the quarantine has transformed significant parts of our home into offices.

The manufacturers have integrated a charging station inside it just for you to work seamlessly on the table while having the drink from the lower compartments.

You get USB charging ports that conveniently charge your accessories. There is no open socket so that kids would be safe from harm. Moreover, it doesn’t consume more power, so you don’t need to worry about bills.

Touch Controls:

A fascinating feature of this coffee table was the integration of smart touch controls. These controls are protected with durable tempered glass. The glass of this table-top is scratch resistant.

The table-top glass can also withstand high temperatures, so you can easily place hot food or your laptop on it. The controls wouldn’t also melt away due to heat.

As far as this coffee table’s controls are concerned, one has many controls on the tip of their fingers. Here are some of them:

  • Temperature: The temperature controls of the Primst Smart fridge coffee table can help you set the fridge’s temperature. You can set from 1 to 12 degrees of temperature. You can also set the fridge into cooling or storage mode or set different modes for both compartments.
  • Playback: The Playback controls would help you choose the playback mode and forwarding, rewinding, pausing, stopping, etc.
  • Volume: The volume controls would help you to adjust the volume of your Bluetooth speakers.
  • Time: The time controls would help you set the time on your coffee table.
  • LED Colors: the LED color controls would allow you to configure the lights of your table. You can also set their brightness level according to your choice.

Lifetime Warranty:

When you buy furniture, the biggest concern you have is its durability. People might never know how long their furniture would grace their homes.

A good thing about the Primst Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table is that it gives its customers a lifetime replacement warranty. You do not need to worry if your item fails to function after some time or if its components stop working.

The Primst manufacturers assure its customers that they get a free replacement for any damage done on this product during its handling or transportation. They will also help in mending or replacing the failed parts, such as the compressor.

The customers have also expressed reports where they received a broken table. That is why the manufacturers now ship the table in wooden box packaging, which is robust enough to handle unpleasant situations.

The cartons are equipped with a foam board, and the box itself is made out of fumigation-free wood so that it delivers safely to the customers.


The Primst Smart Refrigerator Coffee Table is the perfect addition to your home décor. It’s stylish, economical, and smart. It can become your coffee table, your fridge, your home theatre, and also your charging station.

The table is composed of solid fumigation-free wood, with tempered glass on the top, stainless steel around, and plastic compartments. This table product has smart controls on it and comes with a free replacement warranty.

Buy this great table right away and impress your friends and family with this table cum fridge.

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