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Why Everybody Loves Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig TreeJust like furniture and pets, plants add a certain kind of atmosphere to your living space.  However, keeping plants alive can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you are not great at remembering to water them!  If you’re looking at the concept of an artificial indoor tree, this is a great way to enjoy all of the look, and none of the maintenance.  One of the best options for the job is  an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree. And you’ve seen these beautiful trees in every home renovation staging episode. Why? Because they look SO good wherever you put them.

The Real Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

The real ficus lyrata is an ornamental tree that is enjoyed as a house plant in cooler climates, but can be a garden staple if you are in tropical or subtropical gardens.  This popular but complex houseplant has a glossy bright green leaf that resembles the shape of a lyre.

Liking indirect sunlight — that’s not too harsh — these trees can do well in houses where they have proper drainage and the right amount, and kind of sunlight.  If they don’t get both of those things, however, they can be fussy and give homeowners trouble.

How To Care For Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure you’re relatively comfortable with house plants, as a real fiddle leaf fig tree is going to be a little particular!  The sunlight, as mentioned, should be indirect and not too harsh.  It also really needs to have proper drainage so that it doesn’t sit in its water.

The other finicky detail with this plant is that they tend to get upset when moved.  Even if it’s just a subtle shift from one spot to another, a real tree will start to have problems if you take it away from its happy place.

Artificial vs Real Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: What is the difference?

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed in keeping this fussy plant happy, then you’re not alone!  There is a reason why a faux fiddle leaf fig tree is one of the most popular options that people choose when shopping!   The main differences, as you can imagine, include:

  • No TLC needed: Since a real one has to be treated just right, an artificial fiddle leaf fig tree is going to be such a relief. You can move it wherever you want to and place it so that it looks great!  Plus, no need for transplanting, watering, and so-on.
  • No shedding leaves or soil mess: No one likes cleaning up dead leaves, so this is a huge bonus. Then there’s the fact that you’ll never have to worry about your artificial indoor tree getting eaten or suffering a soil spill while you’re gone to work.
  • It looks great!: This is an important difference to note. As mentioned, real live indoor trees require lots of attention and maintenance.  Even then, they’re bound to have ugh patches with missing leaves, or dropped leaves.  When you go with a fake equivalent, though, it’ll always look bright green and glossy day-in and day-out!
  • No sunlight? No problem: Lastly, access to sunlight will never be a problem for a faux fiddle leaf fig tree.  Since getting indirect soft natural light is easier said than done for many of us, an artificial plant is going to be a start when it comes to looking great all times of year, no matter how little sunshine you have!

When you pick the right artificial fiddle leaf tree, it’ll look every bit as good as the real thing, but will be maintenance-free and look great all year round!

How To Care For Your Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

If you’ve decided that you do want to go with this maintenance-free artificial indoor tree, you’ll want to spend a bit of time looking online.  There are many options out there when it comes to finding the perfect artificial fig tree, and you’ll want to think about everything for height, to the amount of leaves, to the planter style, and so-on.

The care across most of these high quality options is pretty simple.  Put it in the perfect place for you, and give it a dusting every once in a while so that it looks fresh and vibrant.  If one of the leaves gets soiled, give it a gentle rub with a soft, damp microfiber cloth.  Making sure that you get a good quality faux fiddle leaf fig tree means you won’t need to worry about fading or a breakdown of the fig leaves.

With these details in mind, perhaps an artificial fig tree is going to be the right choice for you and your green thumb!  All you have to do is get shopping to find just the right one.


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