13 Prefab Homes You Can Buy On Amazon Today

Building a house or a shed from scratch can be very expensive. More so, anything can go wrong during the construction process, such that the house does not turn out as your dream custom house. But, why should you should go through all this hassle and tussle when you have the option of getting your complete dream home right from the factory?

Prefabricated homes, commonly referred to as prefab homes, are the hottest types of houses in the market. These tiny homes eliminate all the risks associated with building and renting houses. They are usually constructed indoors, in factory-like settings. What’s even better; prefab houses come in different designs, such that you are guaranteed of getting a prefab home that fits your style and preferences.

What Are Prefab Homes Made Out Of?

Despite the fact that prefab homes have gained popularity just recently, the concept used to build them is not an entirely new one. These tiny homes are usually built off-site in factories or industries that specialize in building such homes. Then, the prefab homes are transported to their final destinations, after which they are assembled and firmly established.

Unlike on-site homes, prefab tiny homes are usually permanent structures. After they are assembled, these homes function no different from other permanent sheds and houses built from scratch.

Prefab homes can be constructed using different materials, such as aluminum, asbestos, timber or steel. The materials used to make them usually depends on the type of location where these homes will be assembled and established. For those who prefer firmer and stronger structures, they can even have their prefab homes built out of concrete. However, the most common prefab tiny homes are those made of wood.

Best Prefab Homes in the Market Today

Prefab homes come in different designs, sizes and styles. With all the different varieties being manufactured each day, finding the best prefab home that suits your style can be quite daunting. However, we have done all the work for you and come up with 25 of the best reviewed prefab homes in the market. Read on and see which home appeals to you most:

1.) Mods 40-Foot-Long Tiny Home

This particular prefab tiny home by Mods is one of the best homes you can go for. It comes fully furnished, inclusive of a shower, a sitting room, a bedroom, a toilet, sinks and a kitchenette. For added security, the prefab home is also designed with double patio doors with full insulation.

More so, within the tiny home are an electrical connection and a sewer connection. Living in this home would be no different from living in an actual on-site home.

MODS 40 Foot Tiny Home
  • Fully furnished tiny home - pre-fabricated from new shipping container.
  • Includes bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, kitchenette, living area.
  • Double patio doors within secure container doors.Fully insulated.
  • Bottom sewer connection, easy side water and electrical connection.
  • Includes appliances shown. Heated & air conditioned with mini split.

2.) Cedarshed Farmhouse Kit

The Farmhouse Kit by Cedarshed is designed in such a way that it brings out a curb appeal. Having dimensions of 20 by 14, this prefabricated home provides ample storage and room. It can be used as a game room, an home office room or even as a guest room. The home also features two doors. These wide doors make it easier to move things in and out of the prefab home.

Cedarshed, FarmHouse 20 x 14
  • 100% Western Red Cedar exterior finishing
  • 7ft High pre-built wall panels
  • Pre-shingled roof panels for cedar shingle model only
  • 4' deep Ridge Porch
  • No cutting required

3.) Allwood Summerlight House

The most outstanding thing about the Summerlight House is its large windows. These large windows allow lots of light into the house. They also make the house an ideal hangout zone at the lake or the beach. The prefab house has an inside floor area space of 150 square feet. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Allwood Summerlight | 150 SQF Cabin Kit
  • Large windows, lots of light. Ideal lake or beach house.
  • 1-11/32" (34 mm) dual T&G windblock pattern
  • 150 sqf inside floor area. No interior finishing needed
  • 5 year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

4.) Mayflower House

Just like a flower, the Mayflower House is designed with a unique and modern style. It can be used as a garden house. The structure is usually designed on wheels, making it a unique portable garden house! It also features flower boxes on its structure, giving it a more garden-like feel. The total floor area covered by the prefab tiny home is 117 square feet.

Allwood Mayflower | 117 SQF Garden House, Cabin Kit
  • Unique style. Focal point of any garden.
  • Outside measurements 7'11" wide x 15'9" long. Total floor area 117 SQF
  • Structures on wheels are exempt from permits in most states
  • Easy assembly.
  • Sister model Mayflower Base is the same product but w/out wheels, stairs and flower boxes

5.) Allwood Claudia House

Do you have a space where you would like to fit a cabin, but a classic one just won’t fit? Well, all you need to do is add a Claudia House and you will fall even more in love with the space. Claudia prefab houses are built with very spacious interior floor spaces of up to 209 square feet. More so, the strong roof of the prefab home can support up to 90 lbs of snow.

Allwood Spruce Claudia | 209 SQF Cabin Kit, Garden House
  • Inside Floor Area: 209 Sqf - spacious yet cozy
  • Wall thickness: 1-3/4" (44 mm) - dual T&G wind block pattern | Front / back wall height: 7'3" - Ridge height: 11'11"
  • Add Factory Protection Against Termites. ASIN: B07ZWXFXMT
  • 2020 model upgrade: New stronger roof with 90 lbs / sqf snow load capacity

6.) Allwood Girona House

The Girona House is built using highly durable Nordic Spruce timber. It can be used as a garden house, or erected beside a home pool. The prefab home features 2 interior doors and a single exterior door. The exterior door features a unique folding design. Girona House covers an interior floor space of 202 square feet.

Allwood Girona | 202 SQF Cabin Kit with 3 Rooms
  • Made from durable Nordic Spruce | Wall thickness 2-3/4" (70 mm)
  • Net floor area 202 SQF | Terrace 50 SQF | Ridge height 96" | Wall height 88-1/2"
  • Doors: Interior (2) 32-1/2" x 76-1/8" | Folding Exterior Door (1) 102-1/4" x 78-1/2" | Windows (3) 21-3/4" x 68" | (1) 20" x 20" | (1) 59" x 20"
  • Roof area 327 SQF | Roof pitch 2 degrees

7.) Home Office Cabin Kit

The Home Office Cabin Kit from Pinecrest features double pane windows and doors. These double pane doors and windows give the prefab tiny home a unique and modern design. It has an inside floor area of 123 square feet and internal dimensions of 12.11″ × 9.8″. The assembling process requires a few tools and takes up to one full day.

8.) Allwood Ranger House

The Ranger prefabricated house by Allwood makes an ideal guest house. It can be installed at the backyard of the home. The prefab tiny home covers a main floor space of up to 259 square feet. It is constructed using high quality Nordic Spruce timber. The roofing system is installed at an angle of 24.8 degrees, such that it allows for the addition of environmental friendly solar panels.

9.) Allwood Bella House

The Allwood Bella prefab house is designed with two doors; one at the front and the other at the back. For additional space, the tiny home incorporates a lofted bedroom area. It also features a dual T&G pattern than accentuates the beautiful design of the home. Each of the walls of the Bella house has a thickness of 70 mm.

Allwood Bella | 237 SQF Cabin Kit with 86 SQF Loft
  • Wall thickness: 2-3/4" (70 mm) - dual T&G windblock pattern | Ridge Height: 12' 8" | Back wall height: 8"
  • Doors: Exterior (2): 62-1/8” x 76-1/8” - Interior (1): 32-1/2” x 76-1/8” | Windows | front: 36” x 36” | back: 54-1/8" x 36" | left: 27-5/8" x 46-7/8" | right: 21-3/4" x 68"
  • Snow load capacity 46 lbs/sqf - For 70 lbs/sqf and 96 lbs/sqf values see ASIN:B07TY5MSY8
  • Wind load capacity: 120 mph with 2-3/4" walls | 140 mph with 3-5/8" walls (upgrade option)

10.) Expandable Container House

The frame of the Expandable Container House from Weizhengheng is built using galvanized light steel. The steel material makes the prefab tiny home not only long lasting and durable, but also very safe. Also, at the top the home structure is a high quality solar power system.

Therefore, you can rest assured of the environmental-friendliness of the home. The package comes with the assembling instructions and manual.

20ft/40ft expandable container house With Solar Energy
  • Usefully in varieties of situation that makes your life more comfortable
  • It’s easy to assemble and has clear instructions to help you
  • Each part of the house is made of hot galvanized light steel frame, it's very safety.
  • It‘s an environment-friendly product with solar power system on the top of the house
  • Please contact us about the size or shipping details before you order a product, Thanks

11.) Allwood Timberline House

The Timberline prefab home from Allwood is designed with an inside floor area of 354 square feet. Just like other classic and modern prefab tiny homes, it features a dual T&G pattern. It is a very firm and strong structure, having a wind load capacity of 120 mph and a snow load capacity of 46 lbs.

Allwood Timberline | 483 SQF Cabin Kit
  • Inside Floor Area: 354 Sqf + Loft 129 Sqf
  • Wall thickness: 2-3/4" (70 mm) - dual T&G pattern | Ridge height: 14'9"
  • Snow load capacity 46 lbs/sqf - For 70 lbs/sqf and 96 lbs/sqf values see ASIN:B07TY5MSY8
  • Wind load capacity: 120 mph with 2-3/4" walls | 140 mph with 3-5/8" walls (upgrade option)

12.) Timber Frame Kit

The frame of this wooden prefab home is built using heavy laminated timber, specifically that of the Northern Spruce. This timber frame house from Ecohousemart covers up to 1000 square feet. However, the frame kit structure does not include windows and doors. Since it comes unpainted, the Timber Frame Kit allows for easy customization of the prefab tiny home.

ECOHOUSEMART | Heavy Timber Frame House kit| 2-Bedroom 2 lofts | Prefab DIY Building Cabin Home | Glulam, White Spruce | Net Area excluding loft: 1,100 sq ft
  • GLUE LAMINATED TIMBER FRAME STRUCTURE | GLT / Engineered wood | Species - spruce/pine

13.) Allwood Palma 3 House

The Palma 3 House from Allwood prefab tiny home features 2 rooms. The first room is usually built with an internal floor space of either 74 or 128 square feet, while the second room comes with a floor space of either 37 or 91 square feet. Also, the prefabricated home allows for the installation of electrical setups for those who prefer wired setups to the traditional LED setups.


No doubt, you deserve a very comfortable and safe environment to nurture your passions. However, this does not mean that you go through unnecessary burdens of building houses and sheds. Rather, you can just get yourself a prefab home in no time. Click on your best prefab home above, and make your order today!

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